Thursday, 28 February 2008

Norwegian wood + more

Really excited about Norway tonight, having never been there.
Hoping to get a chance to look around Oslo!
Apparently it's snowing quite heavily so I'm packing gloves yo!
Here are some pics from Hungary + Turkey I had forgotten about

Here's Christian during sound check

And again! Wicked venue + the staff were all really helpful

Christian smashing back the daniels! It IS big and it IS clever.

The promoter smashing back the daniels

Stone Tone looking on approvingly..

Now onto Turkey...

Two of the nice chaps who looked after us while we were there

Stone tone getting his ass handed to him on a backgammon board by a crazy gambling French chick! + Christian sticking his hand in the way

Some of the crowd after we finished playing and Dj'd a few tracks

naughty naughty very naughty!

mother funkin' baklava yo!

Also, we can't stop listening to Olivia by Frankmusik..

check it out

More updates soon!

Howard P. Sausage



ally-iz-ere said...

it IS big and it IS clever
damn right yo!
looked like fun man
all on ya phone
(date in the corner)

ally-iz-ere said...

it IS big and it IS clever
looked fun
all on phone camera
(date in the corner)

Lille said...

Id have to say you probably should leave your warmest coat at home, thanks to global heating its quite "warm" here in Norway at the moment.

veronica: said...
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veronica: said...

partyshank should really come to S.A.
beautiful beautiful city. as well as a great party life.
oh that daniels